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Senior struggles: Granola for breakfast

By Haley Peterson

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By Haley Peterson | Editor in Chief

January 11, 2012

It’s a weird time for me at Dos Pueblos. I’m caught between being a lowly high school senior and being an untouchable college freshman, invincible to the hardships of life, blinded by the possibilities of the coming year–a year that could ultimately decide my entire future.

But that’s just the thing: doesn’t every decision we make on a daily basis affect our future in one way or another?

Like this morning I decided to have a bowl of granola for breakfast. What if I had decided to have yogurt? Would the outcome of my day be different if I had changed that insignificant breakfast choice?


But if all those simplistic decisions affect the rest of my day, then what could a more dramatic decision do to, say, the rest of my week? Or month? Or year?

If I decided to go ice skating tomorrow, would that singular event actually change who I am as a person? What if I went on a hike instead? Would one of those activities change my future for good? I doubt it, but it’s possible.

In my APES class, we are learning about the concept of synergism: the concept that two things working together may produce a result greater than the sum of the two individual parts.

So if I take the casual decisions of my day-to-day life and combine them together, I essentially define not only who I am, but also the person I am potentially becoming. My mannerisms and thought processes, my conversations and actions all contribute to this larger picture of defining my personality.

Which leads to the penultimate question of “Why does it even matter?”

In the scheme of things, I guess it actually doesn’t matter. Humans are just another species struggling against the epic evolutionary race to become the “fittest,” and we’ve only been on this earth for a brief snippet of time compared to the entire history of the universe. Maybe the question shouldn’t be “Why we are here?” but it should be “What decisions can I make to better myself and those affected by me in the limited time we have on this earth?”

It seems that all of my decisions are essentially for the better, whether it’s a decision I learn from later in life, or it’s a decision that has immediate results.

And it seems that I bettered myself today by having a bowl of granola for breakfast.

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Senior struggles: Granola for breakfast