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Zombie apocalypse anyone?

By Julia DeRogatis

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By Julia DeRogatis| Staff Writer

February 5, 2013

Move over vampires, zombies are the biggest rage right now. From television shows, and books, to the most recent film, “Warm Bodies”.

After viewing the trailer, one would think “Warm Bodies” is just another supernatural over-dramatic romance story. On par with “Twilight” or a less awesome “Hunger Games”.

However, sitting in the dim Camino theater this Sunday afternoon, watching the opening scenes of the film take place, I knew I had completely misjudged this movie.

I had previously bought my ticket at a friend’s urgings, and was somewhat reluctant to see a movie in which the plot could be summed up in one sentence: A zombie apocalypse strikes Earth, but soon one of the zombies falls in love and is cured, yet not without much angst and uncertainty along the way.

In actuality, this turned out to be a very well made movie that pulled at the audience’s hearts and evoked laughter as well as tearful eyes.

Within the first few moments, it was obvious that the cinematography was very well done and unique. The images of a plague stricken Earth were painfully realistic and the tone was perfectly mirrored through the sombre coloring of the scenery.

The main character named, R, is played by Nicholas Hoult, who does a wonderful job of being an emotionally confused and dissatisfied zombie, despite the fact the most of his lines are (grunt)…..(pause) said. . . (rasping breath) like. . . (longer pause) this.

As a nod to the iconic Romeo and Juliet, R’s love interest is named Julie and is one of the last remaining humans.  She carries at least two guns and spends a lot of her free time shooting zombies in the head. Naturally, they are perfect for each other.

The relationship that forms between the awkward zombie R and the fierce Julie is filled with unexpected humor and sweetness. The characters are actually developed beautifully, both of them realistically (as much as is possible in a zombie movie) flawed and missing something that the other ends up be able to give to them.

The emotional depth of the movie is much aided by an incredible soundtrack, featuring songs such as “Midnight City” by m83, “Hungry Heart” by Bruce Sprinsteen, and an abundance of songs from the likes of Guns ‘N Roses, Bob Dylan, Scorpions, and Bon Iver.

While the general tone of the movie is dark, owed to the fact that it does indeed take place after nearly all civilization has been wiped out, it is filled with colorful bursts of comedy that had the entire theater laughing out loud.

The film crescendos to an intense climax, and then settles into a beautiful ending that had the audience clapping and grinning, filled with the joy of just being alive. That’s the best part of a zombie movie; it sure makes you appreciate life (and the fact that no one is running around trying to eat your brain).

So, if you want a fresh and heart-felt take on a zombie apocalypse, “Warm Bodies” is a must see film.

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Zombie apocalypse anyone?