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Jennifer Lawrence: Outstanding Performer of the Year

By Carolyn Chau

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Jennifer Lawrence at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival

Jennifer Lawrence at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival

By Carolyn Chau | Staff Writer

February 5, 2013

The night had been young, as well as the fans who had lined up the gates to see their idol. As they waited one could hear chatter amongst the crowd as various conversations began to erupt about her outfit or her “hot-ness”.

“Calling her a star is an understatement. She is definitely a super-nova,” said the moderator of the night, Robert Durling, proudly for the young 22-year-old Jennifer Lawrence who has completed so much at her young age.

As the crowd grew as the night began, it was at 8 p.m. when people started to question where she was. Most of the celebrities that had come for the week of the Film Festival had come before 8 p.m. and had enough time to talk to press and interact with their fans.

She had arrived out of her vehicle with a black and midnight-blue jumper wowing the crowd beyond words, as she quickly went through the crowd signing and picturing take it was time for the interview.

After getting on stage she had to get this comment out, “It’s so hard to get comfortable and look good at the same time in front of 2,000 people. I just want to take my pants off,” causing whole audience break into laughter.

Many of the fans who sat in the auditorium had already preset notions about how Lawrence behaves in interviews. As for the adults, it was more of a shock and you could see the expression in most of their faces in result of the crude and sarcastic comments she said.

“Acting is just saying words, that’s easy for me. As for interviews, you actually have to interact with people and it is not my thing. I’m not very good at it either, sorry.”

For an Oscar winning and currently nominated actress, she sheepishly apologized to the moderator multiple times for being caught with no clue how to answer certain questions.

The moderator said to her, “You are the Oscar winner, you can tell me to shut up anytime you want.”

Although Lawrence doesn’t have any plans any time soon to be a director, among the audience was a variety of directors whom she spoke passionately about. Lawrence described trying to get jobs as well as she can in movies where she finds a good character that she reveres and respects. “It’s not everyday you get an amazing story, good stories follow good characters.”

Lawrence said, “I saw ‘Step Brothers’ and said to myself, ‘Why didn’t I direct that?'” She said that someday she wants to be able to direct works of movies that are similar to that film.

As an actress, a unique and quirky thing about her is she doesn’t actually spend time memorizing her lines as normal actors do.

“At first it was a lazy thing,” she admitted.

JLawArlingtonAlthough some of the comments she had said make you think that she is just a lazy, care-free actress who gets nominated for awards like it’s no big deal. However, to contrary belief, she is simply just very passionate about her job, which was revealed later in the interview.

Lawrence enjoys working on independent movies because, “it’s a feeling you can’t get from studios.” She also elaborated on how she was never good at school or sports, but when it came to acting it was the one thing she felt most at peace with. It was her calling; she felt most comfortable acting rather than computing math problems.

“Once I had found a part that I just fell in love with I just went at it with all my might and kept fighting for it until I got it,” Lawrence said.

Lawrence sent out many good messages throughout the crowd that night, one message that got through to the crowd was about persistence. “If you want something bad enough keep fighting for it no matter what.”

Lawrence has recently become a role-model to many young people since she had taken the lead role of Katniss in “The Hunger Games.” Commenting on her feelings towards being a role model she said:

“It’s a great feeling. Fortunately, I don’t have a secret life I have to worry about getting out, so I can enjoy it.”

Overall this “supernova” has a bright and successful future ahead of her for she is that once in a lifetime kind of women who will make a difference in movie productions.

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Jennifer Lawrence: Outstanding Performer of the Year