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Movie Review: Identity Thief

By Anthony Gilbert

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By Anthony Gilbert | Staff Writer

February 12, 2013

“She’s having the time of his life.” Seth Gordon’s new film “Identity Thief” is a crime comedy about how a man gets his identity stolen and the journey he takes to get it back.

“Identity Thief” stars Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy and hit  theaters this past week and already had reviews commenting on McCarthy’s performance saying that she was the one that saved the movie.

As a Florida scam artist, Diana (McCarthy) steals the identity of mild-mannered businessman, Sandy Patterson (Bateman) who, in a desperate attempt to save his job, travels from Denver to Miami to confront the woman who has stolen his identity. When Patterson finds her, he then drives across the country back to Denver with Diana to get her to confess her crime, clearing him of the debt she has ranked up in his name.

During the movie, there were moments of replication from other road trip movies like, “Midnight Run” or “Planes, Trains & Automobiles”  without showing enough new material, especially since the film, “Due Date” pulled the same maneuver quiet recently.

But on the plus side, the movie had many funny moments. It entertained the audience throughout most of the film, mostly because of Melissa McCarthy’s great asking by nailing the character and sharing her life story through tears, which then transformed to a comedic scene within a few takes. Jason Bateman also had great comedic timing when dodging all of McCarthy’s character’s insults.

So, if you want a good crime comedy, then “Identity Thief” is a must see movie.

“Identity Thief” is rated R for sexual content and language. Its running time is 112 minutes.

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Movie Review: Identity Thief