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Naviance aims to streamline college admission process

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By Tori Garza| Staff Writer | September 21, 2011


Unless you are a senior getting ready to apply to college, chances are that you only have a vague notion of what Naviance is. And the chances that you are using it are pretty slim.

But it shouldn’t be a secret as Naviance can do something huge for every Dos Pueblos student—help prepare them for college.

“Naviance is a helpful web-based tool for students, parents, teachers and counselor for college applications and career insights,” says guidance counselor Melissa Perez.

The program, now in its fourth year of use at DP, is most familiar to students and teachers who use it to send letters of recommendation and transcripts electronically. Rather than having to mail separate packets to each school, the system allows teachers to upload letters once and then submit electronically to multiple schools.

But there are other features to Naviance besides helping with college admissions which is why counselors strongly suggest that it be used for all four years of high school.

Naviance can be used for career exploration and give students a guide as to pathways towards career goals. The progam also includes two retired SAT test exams to help students in their preparation.

According to Perez, Naviance is a must for all seniors here at DP.

“Naviance is super helpful when seniors are applying to universities that require letters of recommendations because counselors and teachers can zip everything letters and or transcripts off electronically without using our paper,” says Perez.

Naviance also includes information on what it takes for a student from DP to get into universities from all over the country by tracking where students end up going to college. Every senior submits information about where they applied and Naviance stores that information along with their GPA, SAT, and ACT scores. When a student is accepted or rejected by a university they become a point on a plot chart called a “scattergram” that displays what it takes to get into the college

Naviance is not only a tool for students but parents can join as well. Although their child’s page is private parents can use the ‘family connections’ section of the site to communicate with counselors and view the scattergrams to see how DP students are getting into universities.

Perez says that her favorite aspect of the site is the ‘brag sheet’ section where students call fill out an informational survey about themselves which then helps teachers and counselors that are writing letters of recommendation.

Getting an account is simple. Students simply need to contact their counselors who will help them set up their account, give them their registration codes and will show them around the site.

Perez recommends that when students set up their accounts, they use a professional email address so that colleges are not receiving emails from something like “bigbadwolf58.”

By using the service, she believes students will have an easier time navigating the college admissions process.

“Our goal for the school is to get every single student at DP on Naviance,” says Perez.





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Naviance aims to streamline college admission process