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By Natalie Moreno and Alexis Aguiniga

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Graduating high school sounds extremely surreal to me at the moment. I’m graduating in a matter of days, and it still hasn’t really hit me that these are my last days of high school. High school had its times of sheer triumph, but there were also moments of defeat. But you know what? Everything worked out in the end. I think that’s something important we should all remember. In high school, we always think it’s the end of the world if something tragic happens, but we must always look at the bright side and remember it will all be over and to make the best of it.


I definitely had some struggles in high school. When I began my freshman year, I had just moved from busy LA to laid back Santa Barbara. The dramatic change in my living situation deeply affected me, and I remember feeling plagued with homesickness each day. The friends and people who I had grown close to during my childhood were no longer at my side. As a shy, quiet person, I spent several of my days in loneliness and isolation and each day, I longed to be back home. I kept thinking that I should be confident and just talk to people, but we all know that’s easier said than done. One day, I finally gained enough confidence to ask a classmate to lunch. I knew she had just moved in town as well, and she probably felt lonely like me. Our close friendship continues to this day. My experience in high school would have been distinctly different without my wonderful friends. They rained each of my days with happiness, and I consider myself truly blessed and lucky to have met such amazing people.


Confidence is something that I have always valued and longed for. I admire people who have the confidence to speak boldly about a subject in a class discussion or who have the confidence to do things. It’s something I have always wanted to improve in myself, and in my high school career, I did whatever I could to strengthen my confidence and to inhibit a sense of belonging. I joined the Interpreter’s Club and the swim team, but nothing enriched my confidence more than my experience in the Charger Account. I remember never having any remote interest in journalism. In fact, I signed up for the class on a whim. But the Charger Account allowed me to bravely voice out school events in an indirect approach. I didn’t include my opinion in my stories (journalism 101), but it gave me a voice and a sense of importance. My passion blossomed, and I fervently began writing more articles. Each one carefully constructed with 100 percent effort. I went from writing a food review of a local restaurant to writing the my latest story on Econ’s Fair’s end, which attracted 1.7K people on Facebook, a record for the Charger Account. As an aspiring journalist, this was a huge milestone for me, and it’s something I treasure and feel proud about. My diligence and hard work paid off in the end. It was an absolute honor writing for the Charger Account and for the first time, I felt a sense of inclusion at DP. It may take you a while to find your passion or what interests you at DP, but I challenge you to find what speaks to you and just go for it. Join clubs around campus or do something completely out of your comfort zone! You might just find your passion by mistake as I did.


My time at DP has shaped me into a more compassionate, confident person over the years. I still have a lot to learn, but I’ll never forget my memories at DP.


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