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Spam Accounts Promote Unhealthy Behavior in Teens

By Matthew Carlson, Staff Writer

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Spam accounts are exploding on social media networks, specifically Instagram. Teens create spam accounts to post content that would not go on their main account. It’s a platform for people to post exclusive, “private” photos or videos that only their closest friends can see. However, this can, and has, produced inappropriate and wrongful posts.

People are so focused on maintaining a popular figure in society, that they will go against their morals and compromise their reputation. According to “Be Web Smart”  real Instagram accounts are their users fake selves and spam accounts are their real selves. This doesn’t seem like a bad thing to peers, but it may look different to the adult and professional community.

Not all spam accounts are inappropriate. People use their accounts to express their true selves to respective followers. A spam account can include funny videos of friends, and photos a teenager wouldn’t normally want a larger population of their peers viewing.

However the perception that “only my followers see my posts” is inaccurate. A “private” Instagram account doesn’t mean that followers are the only ones who can get their hands on the content. Instagram has access to all accounts, and many colleges and companies have specific staff members who look for questionable pictures of applicants.

Spam accounts on Instagram often promote underage drinking, underage smoking, illegal driving, inappropriate actions, and to an extent cyber bullying. Nowadays, being cool directly often relates to being a mean person, and this virtual world is facilitating those stigmas.

Spam accounts give teens the opportunity to express their true self, but modern society expects teenagers to act a certain way, and small things like having your own spam account can showcase true identity, but normally falls back to the perception of fitting in.

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Spam Accounts Promote Unhealthy Behavior in Teens