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Spam Accounts Express User’s True Selves

By Austin Hardy, Staff Writer

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Spam accounts are wildly popular among adolescents in the 21st century. Many high schoolers love the idea of a private Instagram account where they can share their realities without unwanted parental supervision, peer judgement, or the eyes of potential employers.

Spam accounts allow teenagers to express their true selves with no pressure to present a “perfect” self representation. Spam account owners can post whatever they’d like about their daily lives and share how they feel without having to follow mainstream social media etiquette.

The fear of social repercussions can often hinder teenagers from being creative and posting the content they care about; however this reigns untrue for the spam world where you can control exactly who sees what is being posted.

Some see spam accounts as merely an easy way to post untraceable offensive content or as a way to promote acts of poor behavior. Some also believe that because a person’s full name is not necessarily in their spam account username, it leads them to creating riskier posts with the mentality that others cannot trace it back to them. What people don’t consider is the fact that teens use the social media phenomenon of anonymity to their advantage, to truly express themselves.

Modern society tends to value social media status over real world achievements, and the strict set of guidelines dictating what is “cool” and “normal” makes it even more difficult to feel accepted. Spam Instagram accounts offer a rare and significant opportunity to truly be yourself. They allow for those who participate to break away from common social constructs and express actual interest in things they are passionate about.

These accounts are not a way to display offensive content without consequences, but rather a chance to express one’s true self through a platform of trustworthy viewers.

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Spam Accounts Express User’s True Selves