The Charger Account


Mission Statement

The Charger Account is a student-run newspaper whose priorities include fairness, integrity, and truth. We will report on information that is relevant to the student body with accuracy, intrigue, and diversity, while showing multiple points of view in an unbiased fashion. It is important for us to appeal to many audiences, and show equal representation in all of our articles. We strive to be the voice of the Dos Pueblos High School student body.

The Charger Account’s Principles are to:

  • Promote awareness of the 1st Amendment, and the role of press in society.
  • Provide high quality leadership and training.
  • Activate new ideas for shaping the craft of journalism.
  • Demonstrate newsroom diversity.
  • Provide equal and unbiased coverage.
  • Publish all articles in correct journalistic format.
  • Publish articles that are timely, relevant, and thorough.

Comment Policy

Comments on articles are moderated and those determined by editors to be crude, overly mean-spirited or that serve primarily as personal attacks will be deleted.

Editorial Policy

The Charger Account is an open public forum that invites comments and Letters to the Editor, which should be 400 words or fewer and must include the writer’s name and a method of verification.  All submissions from readers are subject to laws governing obscenity, libel, privacy and disruption of the school process. Letters may be edited for length. Opinion pieces, including columns, reflect the opinions of individual writers, while unsigned editorials reflect the majority opinion of the three-member Editorial Board, not the school, the school district or any other employee. The Editorial Board, made up of three student editors, makes final decisions on content. One faculty adviser provides guidance and feedback.

Dear Charger Account Reader,

The Charger Account is currently hibernating with hopes of relaunching in 2020-21. If interested in joining The Charger Account staff in 2020-21, please contact John Dent at: Feel free to browse some of the award winning storytelling by our past students. And don't forget has all your latest DPHS news!

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